Sen. Nybo's and Rep. Breen's Advisory Council discusses stop-gap budget

The Legislative Advisory Council created by Senator Chris Nybo and Representative Peter Breen presented updates on Illinois’ stop-gap budget at a meeting July 18 at the Elmhurst Library.

Council members evaluated recent budget action in Springfield. More than 30 people attended the meeting.

“This is not the budget we hoped for, but it serves as a bridge to ongoing negotiations, and addresses our immediate priorities. It funds K-12 schools for a full year, but does not bail out Chicago at the expense of the suburbs. It funds human services programs and transportation projects for which we get federal support,” Senator Nybo said.

Senator Nybo’s interns Meredith Cantey (University of Indiana), Amanda Nero (University of Missouri), Tom Pancione (Hinsdale Central Senior) and Jenny Marten (St. Ambrose College, Iowa) and Rep. Breen’s intern Breanna Miller (University of Illinois) each prepared a summary of one of the bills that comprised the stop-gap budget agreement.

Senator Nybo and Representative Breen also gave their perspectives on the issue and answered questions about the stop-gap budget.

“Our work is not done,” Senator Nybo said. “We need a balanced budget supported by critical reforms to make our economy more competitive, our government more responsible, and our property taxes less onerous.”

“I’m grateful for the local residents who serve on our legislative advisory committee,” said Representative Breen. “They provide us a sounding board for new ideas, and they perform valuable research and analysis of bills and proposals to address the problems facing our state.”

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