Senate approves Nybo bill to consolidate county election boards with county clerks’ offices

Illinois counties may soon be able to create their own boards of election commissioners within their county clerks’ offices as part of new legislation sponsored by State Sen. Chris Nybo (R-Elmhurst).

Inspired by DuPage County’s diverging elective body, Senate Bill 1592 aims to eliminate the current DuPage Election Commission and replace it with one that falls under the County Clerk.

“DuPage is one of the only counties in the state with an election board as a separate entity; it’s duplicative and adds yet another unnecessary layer of government,” said Nybo. “By consolidating the DuPage County Election Board with the County Clerk’s Office, we’ll be able to administer our election process more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

The Board will be comprised of five commissioners: the County Clerk alongside two Republican commissioners and two Democratic members appointed by the County Board chairman with the advice and consent of the County Board.

“Under the proposed plan, I feel that combining the two offices into the County Clerk’s Office will make it easier for the residents of DuPage County to complete a number of transactions in one trip,” said DuPage County Clerk Paul Hinds. “I look forward to the opportunity to ensure the integrity of our electoral process.”

Approved by a unanimous vote of the Illinois Senate on May 5, Senate Bill 1592 will now move to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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