Nybo Agrees with Governor’s Call for Stronger Property Tax Relief; Remains Opposed to New Taxes on Retirement Income, Groceries, and Medicine

Senator Chris Nybo says he supports Governor Bruce Rauner’s call for a responsible budget and structural reforms, including property tax relief, but he remains opposed to proposals to tax food and medicine, or retirement income.

On February 15, the Governor outlined budgeting options to a joint session of legislators in the House of Representatives during his third annual Budget Address.

“The bipartisan efforts by Senate leaders has given us a solid framework, but many details must still be decided. I do not support proposals to increase sales taxes on food or drugs, or to tax retirement income,” Senator Nybo said. “Such taxes are regressive, and burden our senior citizens and other people on fixed incomes. There are better ways to address our state’s needs and we can work together to find them.”

Senator Nybo said he is pleased to hear Governor Rauner’s strong support for a property tax freeze.

“The Governor has shown that he understands the real burden our property owners face with staggering property taxes. Implementing some kind of reform would go a long way to providing some much-needed relief to our communities,” Senator Nybo said.

The 24th District Senator said Illinois would be better served if lawmakers change the state’s reputation of being hostile to business, by bringing workers’ comp costs more in line with the median; adjusting the tort system so it’s more typical of most states; and adjusting property taxes to reflect the national average.

“By changing the way we do business, Illinois’ economy could be well on its way to long-term security, and stability,” Senator Nybo said. “Our citizens deserve no less than balanced budgets and structural reforms that restore confidence in our state.”

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